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Greetings and welcome to the website for Noctivagant.


The idea to start a label was set in motion in 2011 and in that year Noctivagant begin. I have always been involved in music as a listener, supporter, playing in bands and composing music so it was a fitting time to embark on this endeavor. I also felt I had the capabilities to help musicians and artists in the release of their works. In 2011 Noctivagant was able to achieve that vision and with its first official releases.


It is important for me through the label to continue to promote music in its physical form. I still see the need for music to be held in our hands. To be able to see the layout and view the graphics and art.  I therefore concentrate and spend the extra time to create hand-numbered copies, limited pressings and special editions which invoke personal touches from the artists. I believe in the DIY attitude so everything that I can do myself I will. Each and every packaged CD/piece is put together personally with my hands and never pre -packaged from warehouse or plant. Each item is little different from the next from the hands on approach in which I utilize. 


The foundation that holds that Noctivagant is based on honesty, friendship and word. It is a collective in which we need each other! 


Thank you for the support without it we do not exist. Keep the musical energies and creative cycles flowing and let their words and ideas penetrate. Let the vibrations reverberate!



         EMME YA 
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